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Prosperity through activism for higher education. We want to promote Advanced STEAM engagement in the MENA region so we become self-governed and self-sufficient.

We are volunteers and believe that the path to prosperity must pass through STEAM Education Advocacy.

We invite you to visit our LinkedIn group at , if you believe in a Middle Eastern/North African society that is highly educated, self-reliant, prosperous, independent and competitive worldwide.

Imagine "no more angry and hungry mobs storming MENA streets". Instead you will see a busy mob going to their futuristic workplaces. "Nice dream!" you say.

Yes, it is just a dream... Until it is not! Our mission is to collaborate and brainstorm in order to grow the group’s network into one that will be able to support this and the next generation in its pursuit of Advanced Higher Education in our region. A generation that will produce the next world innovators, visionaries, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, social, economic and political leaders.
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